Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 5

Apparently he wasn't cold lol He has like 5 towels in there with him and this is how he lays. :D

Sleeping under the covers, just like mama. Actually, I was worried he would get cold all alone lol

And this sweet little sleepy bear is our Oreo bug. He is the 1st or 4th of the litter of 6 pups. I know, I know, I am a bad mom. We saved him for my nephews and sister. My 3 year old nephew said "Anjie, I yike him, he looks like a cookie" (He is all black with white toes and a white stripe on his chest, like an oreo cookie), So we named him Oreo aka Odie-oh (that is how Tamaurus says it). He was lonely the first night all by himself, but he is obviously getting the hang of things now. He is so calm, docile and sweet. We love him LOTS.

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